Port BSNL to Airtel and Airtel to BSNL

How to “Port BSNL to Airtel and Airtel to BSNL”.

Hello Everyone, In this article, I am going to explain about How to port BSNL to Airtel ? and How you can Port Airtel to BSNL.
Porting SIM from one network to other will always be a disgusting thing for every one of us because we think that it as a very complex task but it is not that much complex as it seems to be. Just follow these simple steps one by one.
port BSNL to Airtel.
You can port SIM from any network to your desired network. It is a very simple process, To port any number from BSNL to Airtel or To port any number from Airtel to BSNL, you need to follow these steps one by one.
Step 1 : You need to send a Text Message to 1900 in the following manner.
send SMS to 1900 as port< mobile number>
Step 2: After sending message, you will get unique port code from your service provider (BSNL). Note down the Unique code.
Unique code will be valid for maximum up to 7 days only. For some states like Jammu and Kashmir, North-East states it will be for 15 days.
Step 3 : Visit any nearest Airtel Store with any Identity proof like Aadhaar card, Driving licence or any other valid proofs along with the unique port code that you have received through message.
visit Airtel store for porting
Step 4 : Show the Unique code to the concern person in the store for the further process.
After successful completion of further processes by the Airtel store person, You will receive a verification code of 5 digits from Airtel which will be useful for the final verification process.
Step 5 : You have to provide AADHAAR CARD or any identity card issued by government for identity verification.
identity verification for SIM port BSNL to Airtel
Step 6 : You’ll get one transition SIM card from Airtel.
port from bsnl to Airtel
After 48 hours services for your current service provider will stop.
It will take 7 days to port your sim to the Airtel.
Step 7: Insert your new Airtel SIM in your phone. Call 59059 for televerification. Enter the code which you got from airtel at time of porting.
insert Airtel SIM to mobile as soon as bsnl loses its mobile network
After 15 min your card will get activated.
That’s it, Your SIM has successfully done Port BSNL to Airtel.

How to port Airtel to BSNL.

process for porting Airtel to BSNL is just another similar process as we followed earlier, you need to follow as it is steps to take so.

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